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Transport Malta

MICS Surveyors are appointed Surveyor of Ships on behalf of the Government of Malta in terms of the Merchant Shipping Act Cap.234. The appointment allows us to perform statutory surveys on accordance with the Transport Malta Commercial Yacht Code and the Transport Malta Commercial Vessel Code. Further, we can perform approval of Intact and Damage Stability Manuals, SOPEP, SMPEP and Cargo Securing Manuals.


Maritime Cook Islands

MICS are appointed as Authorised Surveyors and Deputy Registrars for The Cook Islands Ships Registry for all sizes of yachts and vessel. We can provide both registration and statutory surveys as a one-stop-shop service providing significant cost savings for owners. We are pleased to be associated with the Cook Islands Ships Registry who, in recent years have been accepted as a full member of the International Maritime Organization. They are committed to customer service and the use of advanced technology to help them deliver it.

The Cook Islands Ships Registry has also developed an innovative service for Yacht owners which enables them to join the Cook Islands Yacht Squadron upon registration in the Cook Islands. Membership of the Cook Islands Yacht Squadron is the easiest and fastest way to register your yacht and also the most cost-effective, since it is not necessary to register a company in the country.

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The Liberian Registry is the second largest in the world. MICS are appointed as Nautical Inspectors to the Liberia Registry to conduct mandatory Annual Safety Inspections (ASIs). The Liberian Registry offers ship Owners to carry out it ISM, ISPS and MLC2006 Audits making use of its international network of auditors. MICS auditors have also been appointed as ISM, ISPS and MLC 2006 Auditors to the Liberian Registry.


International Registries Inc,

MICS are appointed as Nautical Inspectors to the Marshall Island Registry to conduct mandatory Annual Safety Inspections (ASIs).


European Certification Bureau – EU Notified Body No. 0614

ECB is accredited by the Dutch Counsel of Accreditation for the scopes European Directive Marine Equipment (equipment for sea-going vessels), European Directive Pleasure Craft, engines, engine exhaust emissions, engine sound emissions, personal safety, pollution prevention, fire protection, assessment after building, partly completed craft.

MICS are appointed as Surveyors to ECB. This appointment allows us to provide CE Marking services in accordance to the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC, and the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC. Furthermore, we are in a position to provide post-construction CE Marking Services for yachts imported from outside the European Union.



The International Institute of Marine Surveying is an independent, non-political organisation. Membership is open to Qualified Mariners, Cargo Surveyors, Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors, and Marine Consultants from around the world.

Surveyors from MICS have been elected as full members of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.



The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology, established in London in 1889, is the leading international membership body and learned society for marine professionals, with over 15,000 members worldwide.

The IMarEST has a strong international presence with an extensive marine network of 50 international branches, affiliations with major marine societies around the world, representation on the key marine technical committees and non-governmental status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Surveyors from MICS have been elected as full members of IMarEST.



The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures. Members of RINA are widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organisations in over 90 countries.

Surveyors from MICS have been elected as associate members of RINA.


Chamber of Engineers

The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) is the only local organisation catering for the interests of Maltese Professional Engineers. The Chamber was founded on the 28th April 1978. The Chamber of Engineers is today an ever growing, dynamic and very active organisation which is continuously discussing ways and means of both enhancing and safeguarding the profession.


Super Yacht Network – Malta

MICS have been members since 2011. The Super Yacht Industry network – Malta now in its fifth year since its inception standards of expertise and service.

The network is being driven by a group of local companies offering a wide spectrum of yacht repair & maintenance services to complete refits.

Membership of the network is open to those who reach stringent standards laid down in a quality charter. Performance is monitored to ensure that standards are maintained.

The ‘’stamp of approval’’ implied by membership will safeguard and build on the very positive reputation that the island has established, with a strong element of repeat business and portfolio that includes the world’s most prestigious super yachts.


The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry

MICS have been members of The Malta Federation of Industry, and then of The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry, following their merger with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, since 2008.

Due to the growing importance of the Yachting Industry, The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry has now established a dedicated Business Section for Yachting.