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As an organization MICS believes in continuous improvement, which has resulted in MICS making significant investment to support our activities. These include:


  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • GRP Moisture Meters
  • Dry Film Thickness Meters
  • Load Cells (25Te, 50Te and 85Te)
  • Water Bags to test Tenders, Gangways and Accommodation Ladders, Rescue Boat and  Lifeboat Launching Appliance and their release mechanisms
  • Laser measurement device, for hull measurement. This is primarily used to develop lines plans for yachts.

Design and Verification Software:

MICS have extensive in house naval architecture and engineering capabilities including:

  • Intact and Damage Stability
  • Vessel resistance and power requirements using industry standard prediction techniques.
  • Hull Design, Fairing, and Rendering

Applications in use include;

  • AutoCad 2012
  • Structural Analysis - Finite Element Method
  • Cargo Securing Verification Software
  • Maxsurf Pro
  • Hydromax Ultimate
  • Hullspeed
  • Rhino 4.0
  • Hull Strength Assessment Software, for vessel under 24m, in accordance with ISO 12215-5;
  • Sailing boat – Hull Construction and Scantlings – Appendages verification software in accordance with ISO 12215-9;
  • Google Sketchup
  • Windows 2010 Office
  • Various Hull Scantling determination software provided by Classification Societies;
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Technical Library:

MICS maintains an up to date technical library, which includes:

  • Major IMO Conventions
  • Classification Society Rules and Regulations
  • Rules for lifting appliances
  • ISO Standards related to yacht building industry
  • Various publications related to Maritime Survey Activities
  • Various publications related to Naval Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Various codes of practice